An innovative nuclear repository: DBHD

June 21, 2019

Interview Volker Goebel, Nuclear Repository Planner worldwide

Ing. Goebel is a German Civil Engineer with 20 yrs. planning experienceFor the last 6 years, he developed the innovative nuclear repository DBHD


What is DBHD?

It stands for Deep Big Hole Disposal and it is an innovative solution to store high level nuclear waste in the safest and most economical way using 12 m. shaft boring technology in rocksalt environment. Basically, we build a very long vertical shaft reaching 2,000+ meters, near to the terrestrial crust and store the nuclear waste containers casted in concrete pellets. - Deep, Safe, Economic and Closeable.



All countries with Nuclear Power Plants need to manage their waste responsibly, and half of them have the required rocksalt layer geology. Rocksalt encapsulates radiation, and even IOD 129 gas. Please find and read the complete technical drawing of DBHD 1.4.2 International to judge it.


What are the advantages of DBHB compared to other disposal technologies?

The new shaft boring technology (SBM with D = 12 m.) makes DBHB the leading perfect solution with lower costs, more safety and a smaller environmental footprint. The surface site itself is smaller, and can be build back 100 % after completion of the vertical storage facility. 10 % price but 800 % Safety. The old style un-deep horizontal storages are very expensive, very un-efficient and can not be closed.


What are the challenges of to the DBHD technology?

There are two challenges for DBHD: the technological one (heat) and an informational one (sales)

The technological challenge is heat. The deeper the drill, the hotter the temperature gets, so it has to be managed, but we know how to do that by cold air & flow ice cooling. (both calculated already)

But the main challenge according to me is not technological, it is to make this solution known and to use it wherever possible depending on the geology. So Europe, North America and China, heads up !


Who has developed the DBHD technology?

I have! I have invested 6 years, and a lot of money into the scientists, tools and work to be able to present you DBHD.  Such complex, winning technology plan is best understood in all details by its developer.  Please hire me so that I can show you how the DBHD nuclear repository plan for geological nuclear waste storage can be developed for your country too. – info@ing-goebel.d

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