KeySource Global helps industries operating in complex and technical environments as well as infrastructure projects to attract, identify and retain the leadership they need. Every search, from middle management to the executive level, is identified as a major investment and we apply disciplined project management to every assignment. KeySource Global identifies, qualifies and delivers the best candidates for each position with excellence, integrity and passion.

In 2016, Thomas Thor Associates acquired KeySource HCI and established a combined entity for North America called KeySource Thomas Thor. In 2019 we reorganized to create KeySource Global, a Thomas Thor company providing executive search and recruitment services for senior roles worldwide.

How does KeySource Global support Equality, Diversity & Inclusion in the nuclear industry?

The words “Equality’’“Equity”Diversity’’ and “Inclusion’’ are used with increasing frequency these days. We are living in a time where the focus is evolving from conversation and good intentions to a call for meaningful action and systemic change. As with many other industries, the nuclear industry is also going through this transition and finally awakening to its own responsibility to act. The momentum for action provides us all with an opportunity to share examples of best practice and lessons learned across industries.

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