How do Thomas Thor and KeySource Global support Equality, Diversity & Inclusion in the nuclear industry?

February 16, 2021

By Callum Thomas, founder and CEO of Thomas Thor Associates and Chairman of KeySource Global

The words “Equality’’“Equity”Diversity’’ and “Inclusion’’ are used with increasing frequency these days. We are living in a time where the focus is evolving from conversation and good intentions to a call for meaningful action and systemic change. As with many other industries, the nuclear industry is also going through this transition and finally awakening to its own responsibility to act. The momentum for action provides us all with an opportunity to share examples of best practice and lessons learned across industries. For the purpose of this article, the following definitions apply:

Equality – working towards a workforce where everyone feels equal and is treated equally.

Equity – offering varying levels of support depending upon need to achieve greater fairness of outcomes.

Diversity – a workforce truly representative of the diversity in the community and wider population.

Inclusion – the ability to bring your true self to work every day, work comfortably and feel valued within the organisation.

Thomas Thor is at the front line when it comes to supporting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. Our mission, “Building and Sustaining the Global Nuclear Workforce”, gives us a responsibility to lead the way and support organisations in the nuclear industry to evolve.

We have 4 core values that we live and work by – “Diversity & Inclusion’’, “Collaboration’’, “Excellence’’ and “Credibility’’.

Our organisation has established a global network of offices and a workforce that is gender balanced, including a diverse range of nationalities, backgrounds, identities and attributes. We realise that we need to lead by example before we advise other organisations in the nuclear industry.

We have developed and successfully implemented a range of initiatives and services to support organisations in the global nuclear industry to work towards an equitable, diverse and inclusive workforce. Below are some examples of the work we have done, and continue to do:

Leading and Funding E, D&I Initiatives:

  • Our CEO is co-founder of “Diversity & Inclusion in UK Nuclear’’an initiative started in the UK to support and enable the 11,000 people managers in the UK nuclear industry to achieve equality, diversity and inclusion in their teams. Thomas Thor provides ongoing financial and resource support to the initiative, which is destined to expand to other countries. This support enabled the initiative to host two highly successful D&I conferences, as well as a webinar on the topic of “Supporting Black Professionals in Nuclear”.
  • Thomas Thor has recently hired a full-time Social Impact Coordinator, whose role is to provide ideas, organisational and administrative support for the social impact initiatives at TTA and our clients globally. This new role further entails ensuring the effective operations of the “Diversity and Inclusion in UK Nuclear” initiative, including project and administrative support, event management, marketing and communications. Through this new role, we are renewing Thomas Thor’s commitment to bring about real change in the industry.
  • Thomas Thor has committed to the young generation in the nuclear industry, through a 10-year partnership with IYNC (International Youth Nuclear Congress). We support their mentoring programme, event organisation, communication strategy and provide sponsorship.
  • We have just agreed a partnership with WiN Global to support their objectives in the coming five years. At a country level, we have been supporting WiN (Women in Nuclear) chapters across several countries, providing sponsorship and contribution to events as well as carrying out research projects.
  • Thomas Thor hosts interns for E,D&I projects. We create project scopes for 6-12 month projects, hire suitable interns and manage them to deliver the projects from our offices.

Attracting and Recruiting a Diverse Workforce:

  • Supporting organisations by writing/reviewing job descriptions and creating candidate information packs that are more accessible and attractive to a wide diversity of applicants
  • Building and managing talent pools of candidates in rare skill areas where diversity is lacking (such as Project Controls) as well as Executive talent pools designed to enhance diversity in the pool of leaders on the succession track to Executive roles.
  • Advising on how to reach a more diverse audience when recruiting – through advertising and through proactive searches.
  • Acting as an ambassador for career opportunities in the global nuclear industry, bringing highly skilled professionals with diverse experience and perspectives from other relevant industries to the nuclear industry.
  • We deliver candidate shortlists that always include a diversity of candidates for interview.

Employee Retention and Inclusion:

  • Development and management of effective onboarding processes that ensure new starters are treated equally and feel included from the day they sign the contract until they are fully settled in the organisation.
  • To provide additional value to the industry, we’ve put together a free webinar on the topic of “Inclusive Onboarding in time of COVID 19”, which will go live on November 19.
  • Design and implementation of inclusive induction programmes.

Training and Workshops:

  • Training hiring managers in managing the full lifecycle recruitment process with E, D&I as a core objective, from writing job descriptions right through to onboarding new team members.
  • Workshops focused on identifying the benefits to individuals, teams and organisations of E, D&I and establishing alignment across stakeholders in the organisation.
  • Workshops designed to explore the E,D&I challenges and opportunities tailored to each of our clients and the industry.

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