The Chief Executive Officer/Project Director (CEO) of Global Laser Enrichment LLC (GLE) will be  responsible for providing strategic, operational and project leadership of the Company and for creating a vision for success. Based in Wilmington, NC, GLE is a joint venture between Cameco and Silex, using the Silex laser technology to develop 3rd Generation Enrichment Technology for the nuclear fuel market. GLE is well positioned to be a commercial leader in the Laser Enrichment of uranium, with plans for a commercial facility in Paducah, KY.  The company also has an agreement with the DOE  to use its technology to enrich the DOE depleted uranium.

This is a unique opportunity for an entrepreneurial individual to lead the Company’s technology development and commercialization activities, including operational processes that link strategic objectives to executable plans and provide strength in the processes and procedures. The CEO will be instrumental in the delivery of complex, multifaceted  outcomes that will drive present and future value.



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