The CANDU Owners Group (COG) is a private Canadian, not-for-profit corporation headquartered in Toronto and funded by 10 members in 7 countries worldwide to achieve excellence through collaboration in the generation of electricity using CANDU nuclear technology.

COG’s vision is CANDU excellence through collaboration. Together with its members, suppliers, scientists and researchers, COG is continuously innovating nuclear plant equipment and processes to ensure the highest standard of safety, efficiency and environmental performance. COG is a trusted nuclear industry leader comprised of highly-skilled employees with extensive experience in many facets of CANDU nuclear technology.

More recently the mandate of the CANDU Owners Group has been expanded to “CANDU and beyond” and includes supporting initiatives for the development and deployment of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs), decommissioning of existing facilities and medium to long-term management of radioactive waste.




Role description

The President of the CANDU Owners Group reports to the Board of Directors of the CANDU Owners Group and is responsible for ensuring that services to the members are ably carried out in accordance with the policies and priorities approved by the Board. Direct Reports to include all Department Directors, Treasurer, Manager Information Technology, Board Secretary and Executive Assistant






The President of COG is responsible for the general day to day administration and direction of the group. He/she will be instrumental in promoting a vision for COG Inc. which will:

  • Encourage collaboration between entities owning, operating, designing, developing and providing products and services to CANDU stations, and SMRs.
  • Encourage international co-operation
  • Facilitate member opportunities for cost sharing and economies of scale on joint projects including research and development
  • Ensure that the resources of the CANDU Industry are identified and assist in making them available to help resolve common issues and concerns of COG Members
  • Collaborate with other domestic organizations including CSA, CNA, CNS, OCNI, UNENE, WIN and NAYGN to the benefit of the COG members
  • Collaborate with other international organizations including EPRI, NEI, INPO, WANO, IAEA, NEA, NUGENIA and WNA to the benefit of the COG members

In more specific terms the President will be responsible for the following Lines of Business and Corporate Functions:

  • R&D Line of Business
  • Information Exchange Line of Business
  • Joint Projects and Services Line of Business
  • Human Resource Function
  • Finance & Business Function
  • Information Management Function
  • Communication Function


Essential skills

  • 4 year University degree in Engineering, Science or equivilant
  • 12 or more years of work experience, some portion of which involved project management or business administration or procurement engineering
  • Experience related to CANDU licensing basis or CANDU processes, systems and components
  • Knowledge of the principles of the CANDU nuclear power plant design and operation
  • Familiarity with personal computer software and the ability to make effective use of computer information and databases
  • Knowledge of COG Member organizations and operating environment
  • Knowledge of CANDU suppliers’ organizations and capabilities
  • Knowledge of COG Members research and development needs and supporting work programs, especially COG R&D Programs
  • Knowledge of procurement processes


The CANDU Owners Group will provide a competitive compensation package.

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