Why Nuclear Energy?

Nuclear energy is a low carbon source of energy contrary to energy produced from fossil fuel, namely oil and gas. Combined with renewable energy, nuclear energy can help fill the gap until an entirely new set of energy technologies and innovations are invented and put into place. Nuclear energy is the only non intermittent low carbon source of energy the world has available now except for hydro energy. For developed countries, nuclear energy represents a chance to lower their emissions and respect their commitments. For developing countries, nuclear energy represents the chance to grow its local economy in a sustainable way and to lower exposition to green house gases, notably in domestic settings. Nuclear jobs are part of the effort to fight against global warming.

Nuclear Life-Cycle

Nuclear projects typically span over 100 years, from designing to licensing, building and operating, to life extension, refurbishments and waste management. These long cycle projects are complex and continuously come up with the most exciting challenges, technological but also legal and financial. All types of nuclear jobs exist and are constantly developed to fit these challenges.

Global Industry

On top of providing exciting assignments, nuclear projects are present now all over the world and represent a very global industry. The nuclear industry is experiencing continuous growth in Asia and the Middle East as well as renewed ones in Canada, Finland, and the UK. The need for skills and know-how transfer is tremendous and in some cases urgent.
For professionals from mature markets that have slowed down like the US and some countries of Western Europe, this represents an opportunity to work abroad and encourage mobility of skills and know-how.
The nuclear job market is now international and is truly the source of global cooperation and best practice exchange between countries.


The need for skills transfer and the length of a nuclear power plant life cycle also means that some professionals are being asked to get out of retirement to assist on some specific stages given their experience. Some professionals are encouraged to re-enter the nuclear industry for the same reason. Nuclear jobs are then not only a choice of a professional career but also a chance to work whenever suitable, in exciting locations.

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